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I’ve been seeing a lot of articles and posts lately revolving around the advantages of getting “low” to shoot.  This usually means laying down on the ground or some other uncomfortable position in order to get a low vantage point and shoot a shot that gets peoples attention.  This is usually because people don’t see much of the world at their feet from any other perspective than looking down.  Sadly, this is how most people shoot also.  So, for a different result in your shooting, try laying flat on the ground sometime.  Get as close to your subject as possible and shoot away.  Try this with flowers, lizards, or anything else that’s usually close to the ground.  Just make sure you’re wearing “old clothes”, grass stains and mud may be hard to get out.  Most of all, though…enjoy.

Here’s a few examples from my photo collection…feel free to drop any comments.


Thanks again, and as always…enjoy!



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