Hello, Everyone,

As an aspiring photographer, there are occasions where I get to do some pretty cool shoots involving other people.  I’ve had that chance twice now, in the last few months.  First, just before leaving Hawaii, I got the opportunity to shoot family location photos for some dear friends of mine out on the beach.  Second, this past December, I got the profound opportunity to shoot my brother’s wedding.  That being the case, it doesn’t always guarantee that I’ll have the opportunity to update the website as quickly.  Today, the updates are complete, and both of these shoots have been added to my site.  Please feel free to check them out at the following links.

Phillips Family Shoot:

Phillips Family Anytime

Register Wedding Bridal Shoot:

Register Bridal Shoot

I’ll also be posting some of my favorites from both of those shoots here, soon. Until then, check the galleries out and feel free to leave any comments…and as always…enjoy!


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  1. andres ramos says:

    Ben, great time and too much learning!!! thank you!!

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