Detroit Steel (Car Show)

Detroit Steel (Car Show)

Hello all.

Sad to say it’s been a long time since my last post.  I’ve had many plans, but also many distractions.  I’ve moved my family permanently to Alabama, taken a new job as an instructor, and am currently in the process of retiring from active duty military service.  This is a lot to take in and deal with and in the process the photo hobby sort of took a back burner.

BUT…just to stay up on things, I did have the opportunity to visit a local car show recently, and got some pretty nice shots that I thought would look great with a little HDR treatment.  Here’s a few for your enjoyment, and you can take a look at the rest over at my Gallery.  They are under Fine Art>Detroit Steel (Car Show).  Enjoy!

CarShow-15 CarShow-10 CarShow-7 CarShow-5


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