The 4th of July is always a favorite of mine.  I enjoy the weather, the fireworks, and being with the family.  This is a time to remember all that we have to be thankful of in this country.  The freedoms that we live with each day.  Independence Day isn’t just a celebration of our independence from England, it’s become so much more over the years.  Imagine what the veterans from WWI and WWII felt like each 4th, after those wars.  Or those in Korea or Viet Nam.  I know that the last ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan have taught me that we are still “declaring” our independence.  Not only from a monarchy where we were not represented, but from a group of people that would have us live our lives in fear.  Remember those that have sacrificed for this independence, and always enjoy the time God gives you.  Live not in fear, but with Hope.  That’s what He would have for us.

This 4th was a wonderful occasion for our family.  We had the families together for dinner and a fireworks show at Lake Waccamaw, NC.  Chloe got to spend time with her cousins again, Jordan and Abby, and they all had a great time watching the fireworks.  Again, I took some location portraits of the kids, and they turned out well.  Here are a few of those shots and the rest can be found in my gallery under “4th of July, 2011”.

Along with the portraits, I got some pretty nice shots of the fireworks over the lake.  I have to extend my thanks here to Scott Kelby and Kelby Training.  They put up little tutorials each Holiday on how to get the best seasonal photos, and the posts on firework photography helped immensely in taking these shots.  Here are few of my favorites.  Be sure to visit the gallery to see the rest.

Well, again, I ask each of you to remember those who have secured the freedoms we enjoy today, from the dawn of this great country until now.  Please keep these brave and gallant people in your prayers.  Enjoy the photos, and please feel free to leave any comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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