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Welcome to the first post on my blog.  As most of you who know about my site are aware, I am in the process of updating the main Ben Register Photography website.  This new site is currently my big project, and is pretty much dominating my time right now.  Thus, I have no big photo projects currently on the table.  I have some ideas though.  I’ll be posting more on those later.
The new website will hopefully give everyone a much better user experience, as I have updated a lot of the files and photos, and tried to streamline the interface a bit.  There are a ton more photos and they are presented in a Flash Gallery format.  This seems to make it a quicker load and easier viewing experience.  Not to mention that I put a lot of time and effort in making it visually more pleasing.  With all this in mind, please feel free to give me feed back.  This is, after all, my first “real” website.  Programming it has been both challenging and fun…and frustrating most of the time.  But, once I got it rolling, the proverbial pieces just kept falling together.
The new face of Ben Register Photography should be online around the first of the week.  Please be patient.  If you have been with me prior to the blog, thanks for your visits and feedback.  If you are new, welcome, please be sure to visit my site at http://www.benregisterphotography.com/.  I look forward to any feedback, but most of all, and this is for everyone……ENJOY!

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